Interview with Christopher C. Gibbs

We are launching The Promised Land in 2018. And we have put together an amazing group of actors to bring this work to life.
Christopher C. Gibbs steps on stage as Abraham, the patriarch and dictator of The Promised Land.
What is your name?
Christopher C. Gibbs, but call me Chris.

Where did you train?

On stage.

Can you tell us about a moment where you realized performance was important to you?  No single moment; it’s just always seemed important.

Have you ever seen a performance change someone’s life?  Has it ever changed yours?  Performance is constantly changing my life; can’t say about anybody else, though.

What do you think the purpose of theatre is in our modern era? 

If it doesn’t make people think hard about the world around them, then it’s just mindless fooling around.

Favorite time something went wrong on stage? 

I was doing a two-hander called “Trying,” and I skipped a bunch of pages. Fortunately, the woman I was working with had lots of improv training and she saved my ass. Lesson here? Chris could use some improv training.

Least favorite character of all time? 

Probably Prince Nieou “of the eminent house of Han.” I was miscast and never learned my lines properly and hated the character and the show (Lute Song) and even thinking about it still makes me mutter imprecations.

Favorite character of all time?

Ernst Janning (Judgment at Nuremberg) Lloyd Dallas (Noises Off) Saunders (Lend me a Tenor) Malvolio.

Which actors past or present do you love?

Other than myself? Hmm. Roger Rees, David Suchet, Jennifer Ehle.

Tell me about your own creative projects or other productions you may be involved with or just finishing up?

Working on the seventh (I think) novel in my crime novel series.

What is something about yourself that would surprise a stranger…

I am extremely shy, nervous and tongue-tied around strangers.


Favorite desert?



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