Interview with Gayle Carney

We are launching The Promised Land in 2018.  And we have put together an amazing group of actors to bring this work to life.

Here we have the woman who will embody Ester, the matriarch of the field and commander of the secret police.


Hey, what’s your name?
Gayle Carney

Where did you train?
National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts (NCDA), Washington, D.C.

Can you tell us about a moment where you realized performance was important to you?
When I was seeking an acting program for my children and upon visiting NCDA, I realized that the acting bug was still with me from junior high school.

Have you ever seen a performance change someone’s life? Has it ever changed yours?
I saw a production change some lives when I was in a play that dealt with domestic violence and several people came forward after the production to seek counseling. There were also people who came to the realization that some of the problems they were currently experiencing in their life were based upon some violence that occurred early in life.

What do you think the purpose of theatre is in our modern era?
I believe theatre has the same purpose now as it always had; to educate, provoke thought, and to entertain.

Favorite time something went wrong on stage?
In a show when the actor forgot her lines and she walked off stage and we had to keep going until it made sense to leave the stage without the audience knowing what happened.

Least favorite character of all time?
Marget from Shakespeare and the Bible

Favorite character of all time?
Louise in Waiting to be Invited

Which actors past or present do you love?
Denzel Washington

Tell me about your own creative projects or other productions you may be involved with or just finishing up?

Just completed directing a staged reading for the Atlanta Black Theater Festival. Prior to the festival I was in the production of Fabulation or , the re-eductation of Undine by Lynn Nottage, where I played several characters. Currently in a production entitled “The Dog Must Die”

What is something about yourself that would surprise a stranger…

I had a full time federal career working with statistics before pursuing an acting career.

Most important question…. What is your favorite desert?

Ice cream and popcorn 🙂








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